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All about Dropshippers, Dropshipping and Shipping

All about DropShippers

The small business has a problem when they first start their business with finding a reasonable priced storage place. It is necessary to have a place to keep product stored until ready to put them in your retail outlet. This is expensive and a waste of space.  That is why the sudden boom in having an online store.  A small businessperson can set up their store from home and monitor it from home.  The profit margin can be very high depending on the amount of time you spend searching for the right product and the right drop shipper.  The right drop shipper is everything in the virtual online store.

The drop shipper helps you to get rid of all the issues that slow you down and cost you money. The advantages of using the right drop shipper can make or break your business. The following is a brief description of the advantages you as a business owner benefit by using a good drop shipper. 

- First drop shippers do the research for products and provide you with their lists and catalogues of available items at trade prices. It is up to you to sell any of these items by any method you wish.

- You make the sell and receive payment before the drop shipper fulfills the order.

- Drop shippers package your orders so you never have to package an order again.

- Drop shippers send your orders out to your customers saving you a trip to the post office plus your name and address is on the product.

- Since your name and address is on the product, the drop shipper becomes invisible to your customers leaving you as the only person for them to contact.

- Drop shippers hold the entire product so you do not have to lay out many cash for product. You can spend your full focus on marketing and taking the money to the bank.

These are just some of the advantages of working with a drop shipper.  The more reputable drop shippers offer you online help, your own web site and to a degree will advise you of the on going products that are hot in the market for today's sales. Remember in today's world product changes often as does the consumers need for the product. That is why it is very important that you work with a reputable drop shipper that can help you to keep a breast of what is going on today and what tomorrow looks like.

The drop shipper is the heartbeat of your company. Remember in order to maintain a good standing all the way round keep informed and up to date on all that is happening in the wholesale market.  Use good senses when selecting a drop shipper to avoid fraud and misleading your customer do research on the different companies that offer the service.  When you find the company, you are satisfied with then it is best to stick with the company you trust. The drop shipper is more than glad to let you know their ratings and the BBB will inform you of their business practice. The BBB is a good place to start your research on a drop shipper that you feel will fulfill your needs for your business. You should have in mind the types of products that you want to sell and how you want to handle your company then selecting the drop shipper will be a lot easier.

DropShippers and You

Are you looking for a stay at home business that you can earn enough money for yourself and your family?  You have heard so much about people who have sold on eBay and made a bundle but you are afraid that you might invest and loose.  There are the stories and nightmares told by those who have also lost their shirt.  You cannot afford to do this but you feel that you must do something as your company is closing and moving out of the country.  What a dilemma for anyone to be involved.

Drop Shippers and Distributors have approached you with emails and the like trying to get you to invest in their sure fire business.  That they guarantee that you cannot loose is no comfort because you have no backup proof of their existence. The problem even though they give you this promise you have no way of knowing how reliable this Drop Shipper maybe.  What does a drop shipper have to offer that will help you in your business adventure?  What am I to look for when trying to select a good drop shipper? It has been said that about 90% of business people go out of business not because of lack of effort or a good business plan but because they were misinformed.  Lack of information is the killer to almost all business.  Just like traveling, you should have a GP Tracker or at least a road map.

That is why a Wholesale & Drop Shipper catalog was created for those who are new in business and for those who are very active in business.  If your plans are to remain in this business you need to keep up to date at all times.  One thing for sure you must know what is going on at all times keeping up with the hottest of products.  The catalog is your road map to good business health.   The Distributor has also become the drop shipper now that the advent of a virtual shop on the web has made it possible for anyone to set up shop.

The drop shipper has become a virtual Angel for anyone who wishes to set up business with little or no money.  The drop shipper provides the product and delivery method with no cost to you.  You just maintain your store and do the marketing while the drop shipper provides the product and delivery.

There are various ways that you can sell products and use a drop shipper to help you with storing the product and delivery of the product.  One way to earn money on line is to join an Affiliate Program where many manufacturers will give you a cut of the profits on products that you sell for them. Sell your products on eBay it requires no more than a computer. Once you become an active trader, you can ease into a Website by opening up your own eBay store.  You can use Google's AdSense to put an ad that is relevant to your website when a visitor clicks on the ad they automatically go to your site. Remember to sell drop ship products in order to keep your expenses down and the product quality up.


All about Dropshipping

For many years businesses have use dropshipping as a means to move merchandise to customers.  It has become very popular especially with small business.  It is one of the tools that business uses to enlarge the staff and to enhance the service.  It also saves overhead expenses it saves gas and it saves time.

It just makes good sense if you are selling online, and especially if you are the only in your business, to use a drop shipper.  When you use a drop shipper you have a larger inventory to offer your customers.  Most companies do not have large warehouses to store merchandise even more so most companies cannot afford to rent or own a large storage facility.  Many companies operate from one room in the home and use drop shipping to extend the company facilities. It is a very simple process if you want to use a drop shipper to help you move your merchandise.  Some businesses have become a success because they have used dropshipping to enhance their business.  When you are using drop shipping as a means to move your merchandise or to send orders you really don't have to leave your home.

All can be done from your computer or even a mail order catalog.  Most homes today have computers and use them to sell merchandise online.  All you have to do is send the wholesale cost of the merchandise to your drop shipper and the name and address of your customer and the dropshipping company will send your merchandise right to your customer's door. This saves you a lot of time because you don't have to address labels you don’t have to wrap packages and then go to the post office.  You may stay at home and do all of this from your desk.  It is much more convenient to dropship when you are getting your merchandise from the same company that is doing the dropshipping. Check with your drop shipper and become very familiar with the rules and regulations of the company. In many instances you can save money if you order larger quantities of goods from the company.  This sometimes depends on whether you are dropshipping retail or whether you are dropshipping wholesale. There are many companies who sell both retail and wholesale and will dropship for both.  Perhaps the most important thing you need to know before you start dropshipping is policies of the company.

The company policies will let you know what you can do and what you can not do.  One thing you need to consider is what you will do with the merchandise if it is returned.  Some dropship companies will not allow you to return merchandise.  Some companies who offer to do dropshipping will sale return merchandise locally.  Don't forget to check out the dropshipper’s reputation; in addition find out how long the company has been in business.  When a company has been in business for a while you will know it by the way he does business.  If you are in doubt about a company you are considering you can check with the Better Business Bureau. 

All about Shipping

Shipping is one of the most aspects of any business whether it is a retail outlet or an online virtual storefront.  The cost of shipping can make a deep cut into the profit margin.

Most small business owners try to find the best way to ship at the lowest prices.  Small businesses depend on drop shippers with the product in order to save on their bottom line.  That is one of the best ways of saving the business expense without to much hassle.  The customer may not always buy a product that is dropped shipped instead you might be packaging up the product and hurry off to a good shipper.  When you buy in lots normally, the whole unit comes to you personally.  When you then put it on eBay or your own web site then you will need to find a way to ship to the consumer.

The number one most accepted shipper is the United States Post Office. The US Post Office is prompt and uses great care in handling packages.   Shipping has become such a big business that the post office now provides the supplies you need, pick up and delivery as well as over night delivery. The post office tracking system is simple going on line, put in your receipt number, and find out the exact time and date of delivery.  You can also insure your product if it has a value that would be considered a loss.  You can also keep a postal machine in your office that you can use to calculate the postage and print the postage necessary. The United States Post Office is one of our better methods of shipping.

Shipping via Ups is also a great way to go especially if you happen to have larger packages or boxes.  Ups offers access quantum view, which is a method for you to keep up with your clients. You can maintain a database and track their deliveries etc.  Remember for those who sell to retail outlets a product that is repeatedly on a weekly or monthly basis Ups is an excellent way to go. You will get automatic pickup service and you can track delivery as well as shortages etc.  Ups will go to the manufacturer pick up the product for you and then deliver to your customer.  This is an excellent way for you to buy in quantity and ship.  Someone has to pay for the shipping and that is where you really have to watch out the cost. The cost can really eat into your profits.  You might be able to charge it to the client or at least split the cost 50/50 in any case this would help your bottom line.

Large products like furniture for instances is best shipped via a semi and one of the best company's with the best rates is Yellow Truck.  You can access the company on line and track your shipment the same way as you do with Ups and the United States Post Office.  All manner of shipping is important so that you can maintain a profitable business.

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