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4 Easy How To Advertise A Construction Business - How To Advertise A Construction Business - Attracting new clients for your construction business can sometimes seem difficult, but advertising may be the answer. You can advertise your company in several different ways. First, you need to build your brand. Then you can advertise through traditional methods, or get creative. Start today and soon you’ll be on the road to expanding your client list.

Building Your Brand

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Create a logo for your company. A great logo will draw the eyes of potential clients. It will also make advertising easier for you once you get some name recognition. Your logo can be simple or elaborate, but it should be the same across all of your business materials.

Investing in a logo created by a graphic artist is a great option, but you can create one yourself and scan it into your computer.

Check freelancing sites for an inexpensive option.

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Take photos that demonstrate your work. Photograph completed projects, your work in-progress, or related items, such as a piece of furniture you built. Clients are more likely to trust your work if they can see it for themselves. You can post your photos on your website and social media platforms.

Get creative and stage your own ribbon-cutting ceremony in front of a project you just completed, whether it’s a newly built home, a remodeled kitchen, or a piece of playground equipment.

If you’re just starting out, no project is too small. Share photos of the projects you’ve done and let your work speak for itself.

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Create a website for your construction business. Clients want to be able to type your company name into a search engine and find more information, and your website is the best way to make that happen. Not only does it provide a way for the clients to find you, it also gives you an opportunity to sell yourself. Make sure your website makes you look professional by including multiple pages, along with photos and well-written copy.

You can build a site for free through services like Wordpress or Wix, though you may want to pay a little more for customizable content.

As an alternative, you can pay someone to build and maintain your website, if you have the budget. Options include hiring a freelancer or paying a PR firm.

Include photographs of work you’ve completed.

Give clients details about your company, your values, and your specialties.

Provide a method for contacting you, including email, phone, and fax, if you have one.

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Open social media accounts for your company. A social media account raises your profile in the community and gives clients a window into your business. You can post photos of your work and success stories. It also allows clients a way to interact with you, which shows potential clients that you will be responsive to their needs.

Social media will get your name out there so that potential clients can easily find you.

If you open multiple accounts, you can use a service like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Everypost to update all of your accounts at once.

Using Traditional Advertising Techniques

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Distribute business cards. Business cards are a great advertising tool because you can leave them anywhere. They’re also easy to hand out to potential clients who’ve shown interest in your services. Carry your cards with you at all times so that you can hand them out anytime the opportunity arises.

Make sure your company name, logo, and contact information are included on the card.

You may want to spend more to include a photo of a successful construction project on your card so that potential clients see your work.

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Create and post flyers. You can make a simple flyer in any word processor or in a program like Microsoft Publisher. Include a photo, your company information, and a few details about what sets your business apart. It’s a good idea to include pull tabs at the bottom containing your contact information so that clients can pull them off.

For example, you might include local specials you’re running, or you might provide a list of your services.

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Publish an ad in your local classifieds, online, or in print. Businesses have many options to advertise in the current market, so choose the option that will best reach clients in your area. If you have the funds, you may want to publish your ad in all available resources.

Which option is the best for your business will depend on your market. Choose the option most popular in your area.

For example, your city may have a popular local website where you can feature your ad. Alternatively, you may want to reach potential clients who still read the local paper.

Some online classifieds may allow you to advertise for free.

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Send press releases to local news outlets. A press release reads a lot like a news article but tells the public about a special announcement, event, or service. You can send the press release to local newspapers, radio stations, and TV outlets. They may share it at their discretion.

It’s best to use press releases to announce things like the opening of your business, special offers, and the completion of major projects. For example, you could issue a press release regarding a ribbon-cutting for a construction project you just completed.

Send your release to as many outlets as possible, but realize that not all of them will decide to publish it.

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Conduct a direct mail campaign targeted to potential clients. A direct mail campaign sends your business' promotional materials directly to potential clients through their mailbox. You can narrow your marketing campaign based on age, income, or family size. This allows you to tell the community about your business and include a few images of past projects.

For example, you could send a flyer with photos from recent projects, along with a list of ways you can update living spaces.

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Buy "freebie" items printed with your company’s name. Freebies include items like pens, notepads, koozies, frisbees, and related items that companies typically hand out to the public. The goal is to get your items in the hands of as many people as possible, which gets your name out in the community. That way, when people need to hire a contractor, they are more likely to think of your business.

Start small with pens and magnets.

You could provide free t-shirts with your company name on them to former clients, employees, and community officials.

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Rent a billboard. While it costs more than other advertising options, a billboard is a great way to reach people from all across your community. You could choose a road that’s heavily traveled or opt for an area of town that is under development and may attract people who need to hire a construction company, such as a site where there is acreage for sale.

Feature your company name, logo, and a tagline if you have one.

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Invest in a radio or television commercial. A commercial can be costly, but it will help you connect to more potential clients. Decide on a message you want to communicate to clients, such as the basic details of your business and the services you provide.

Contact the marketing director of local radio and television stations to purchase airtime for your commercial.

If you’re filming a spot for television, you may want to hire a filmographer or marketing specialist to help you create a professional-looking product.

Getting Creative With Your Advertising

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Offer discounts to clients who refer others. Good word of mouth is essential for construction businesses, as prospective clients will want referrals from past jobs. Although referrals are a great way to get clients, happy clients don’t always think to spread the word about your great services. You can encourage them to tell others about your terrific business by offering discounts and deals to clients who bring in new business.

Offer incentives for a good review on your website or social media account, such as a chance to win a prize, freebies, or a discount on a future job.

Offer return clients a discount on future work if they refer someone else.

Provide clients who refer someone with a free home maintenance project, such as cleaning out gutters or insulating pipes before winter. This could be a great option for clients you know won't need much construction work performed around their house or business, which means a discount on future work wouldn't appeal to them.

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Create a blog to direct people to your website. A blog promotes your business by helping you connect to clients. It also drives traffic to your website. Ideally, your blog posts will come up in the search results of your potential clients, who will then click on your website and learn about your business. Additionally, a blog provides prospective clients who directly seek you out more reason to stay on your page.

Great topics to write about include how-to projects, construction news, and helpful DIY tips. Think of topics that a potential client might search for, such as "How to repair my kitchen sink fast."

You can also write about your success stories, such as a recently completed project.

If you aren’t a good writer, you could hire a freelance writer to contribute to your blog. Look for someone who has experience with search engine optimization (SEO), which helps your posts get a better ranking in the search results.

Maintaining a blog can also improve your website search rankings because it shows your site is active.

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Buy banner ads on social media sites. Once you have a page for your company, you can promote yourself on social media sites like Facebook by creating an ad campaign. Since your construction business is likely local, you can target your ad to your region and narrow the age range to your typical client base.

You can promote your business page, or a specific post made by your company page. For example, you might promote an article about a recent project you completed.

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Share short videos on social media. Running a construction business gives you a lot of options for making videos. You can keep it simple and capture a quick on-site clip, or you could get more technical with a video featuring a DIY project. The goal is to get potential clients to see the video and remember your company name.

Post the videos to your site and your social media pages.

Ask friends, family, and former clients to share the videos on their accounts.

For best results, include your logo on the screen. You should also mention your company name during the video.

Have fun with your videos.

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Sponsor a local sports team or event. Putting the name of your construction company on the back of a baseball jersey or behind home plate is a great way to get your name out there. You could also try sponsoring a local carnival or festival. A sponsorship helps you connect to potential clients and shows them that you’re committed to your community, which could give you an edge over your competitors.

Ask around for potential sponsorships.

Think about how the team or event would feature your business name. Will it be in a booklet? Will there be a sign with your name on it? Will the name be printed on shirts?

Check the details to find out how much your budget will buy. For example, it might be better to sponsor a sports league that will place your sign in its outfield rather than a local festival that will include a small logo on its program.

4 Ways to Advertise a Construction Business

Network with potential clients. The great thing about a construction business is that almost anyone can be a client. Businesses and homeowners both need repairs and remodeling to their property, and you never know when someone might be looking for the perfect contractor for their new home or building. Attend local events to talk up your business and take an active role in your community. People will start to recognize your face and name, making them more likely to contact you when they need construction work.

Join local professional associations and attend their events.

Attend events hosted by your community, such as movie screenings in the park, small carnivals, or educational workshops.

Attend events hosted by former clients, such as holiday parties or ribbon cuttings.

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