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4 Tips How To Find Legitimate Banking Jobs In Canada

( How To Find Legitimate Banking Jobs In Canada - Finding a reputable banking job in Canada doesn't have to be difficult if you are prepared and know where to look. The field of banking offers challenging opportunities for individuals to work in a variety of positions within the financial industry. Positions are available in a wide range of specialties, including an entry-level position as a bank clerk, as well as more senior positions such as accountant, analyst, executive and investment advisor. Educational requirements, as well as necessary experience, vary depending on the type of banking job you are interested in.

  • Fulfill job requirements and develop skills

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Earn your high school diploma before applying for bank jobs. Most Canadian banking positions require at least a high school diploma for entry-level employment. This includes positions such as a drive-through clerk or a cashier.

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Become a Canadian citizen to legally work in Canada. You must meet certain legal obligations before you can work in Canada. If you prefer not to become a citizen, you can become a permanent resident instead. Or apply for a temporary work permit that allows you to work in Canada as a foreign citizen.

If you are planning to move to Canada permanently before becoming a citizen, apply for a Canadian visa. A temporary resident visa allows you to live and work in Canada for an extended period of time. This document can also make it easier for you to become a full Canadian citizen.

You can start the Canadian visa application process online. Learn more here:

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Pass a stock market course if you want to be an investment banker. There are a number of securities courses in Canada that you can take. If you pass the course, you can work as an investment banker. The primary securities course is CSI Global Education's Canadian Securities Course (CSC). You can also take a securities course offered by the Institute of Canadian Bankers.

Securities courses introduce you to Canadian financial services. They will also provide you with in-depth knowledge of banking industry practices such as: B. Evaluating company performance and understanding industry standards. You can choose between courses that allow you to specialize in areas such as investment management and financial planning. Learn more about CSI's CSC course at:

If you only want to work as a bank clerk, you do not need to pass these exams.

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Earn a BA in a finance-related field to get hired. Investment banks like to hire young people with a bachelor's degree in areas that prepare them directly for working in the banking environment. While a generic business degree may suffice, pursuing a degree directly related to banking will make you a more competitive candidate. These fields include:


business administration



How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Apply for a bank internship before you graduate from college. If you are currently a student, explore opportunities for a job in a bank through an internship or fellowship. Internships and working groups often lead to full-time job offers after graduation. Contact your student advisor if you are a current student to help you arrange an internship at a bank in Canada.

Many Canadian banks offer summer programs and scholarships for college students who wish to acquire valuable banking skills while still in school.

Most colleges and universities are actively involved in placing students on internships, scheduling appointments, and arranging interviews.

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Earn a Masters in Finance for a career in investment banking. A Masters in Finance is a 2 or 3 year graduate program that prepares you to work in a finance field or institution. Through your graduate courses, you can learn about banking internships and jobs. This is a great way to get your foot in the door of a bank.

In general, a Masters in Finance makes you a better qualified candidate for all types of banking jobs. If you are considering going back to school and want to work in banking, an MF is the way to go.

  • Find job leads

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Network by making personal and professional connections. Networking is a great way to make personal connections that can lead to Canadian banking jobs. Personal networking removes much of the impersonality of online applications.

For example, if you have a friend of a friend who runs a bank in Ottawa, ask your friend if they could arrange a coffee meeting between you and the bank manager.

Either a bachelor's program in business administration or a master's degree in finance also offer you plenty of opportunities to network with banking professionals and hiring managers.

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Look for banking jobs at a local job fair. Job fairs are a good opportunity for companies – including banks – to find interested and qualified applicants. A job fair also allows you to speak to multiple hiring banks in a single afternoon. You can ask bank representatives how many positions they are hiring for, how many branches are hiring, and what types of positions need to be filled.

For example, to find information about upcoming job fairs near you, search online for "job fairs near me". For a more banking-specific search, search "banking job fairs near me".

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Browse online boards to look for jobs in Canada's banking industry. Popular job search sites include LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed. Expand your search to include finance and investments, as vacancies may appear in multiple categories. Take notes and tag those links with the best prospects.

For example, check out the banking job listings on Canada's Hays website.

Or, if you're looking for jobs in a specific city (e.g. Toronto), you can browse CareerBuilder's banking jobs for that city.

You can also search the Indeed banking listings for Toronto or other major cities.

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Find job vacancies on the websites of reputable banks in Canada. Find out about the companies and the nature of their work, and look for possible banking vacancies. Look for a menu button that says "Careers" or "Jobs". Keep a list of companies that have promising banking job opportunities so you can revisit them later to apply for a job.

For example, check out job vacancies online for the Royal Bank of Canada at:

If you are interested, you can also check out the websites for financial and investment firms. While these aren't technically banks, the work you would do would likely be similar.

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Apply to a rural bank if you don't mind the commute. About 1/3 of Canada's banks are located in rural or small town settings. If you're only considering working in a bank in a major city, you might be overlooking attainable bank jobs in less populated regions. So don't just search online for jobs in big cities like Toronto or Montreal, but also in smaller towns like Rainbow Lake, Alberta, or Toad River, BC.

Even if you have to commute from a metropolitan area to a country bank branch, it can be worth getting your foot in the door of a Canadian bank.

  • Choosing an area within banking

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Look for entry-level jobs if you don't have much experience. You can apply, for example, as a bank employee or as a sales consultant at the start of your career. Also, consider applying for data entry or administrative clerk positions. These jobs will help you gain the necessary experience if you are considering a career in banking.

Technically, you only qualify for most entry-level jobs with a high school diploma. However, if a bank has received many applications for low-level positions, a bachelor's degree will give you a competitive edge.

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Find managerial positions if you have previously worked in banking. If you worked at a bank at a high level earlier in your career, plan on applying for bank management positions. You are particularly competitive if you have earned an MBA or an MF.

As a bank manager, you'll oversee dozens of bank employees, meet with high-level clients, and ensure operations run smoothly.

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

The goal is to find a job as an investment banker to invest in companies. Investment bankers invest money in young start-up companies and entrepreneurial ventures. In other cases, companies hire an investment banker to buy a smaller company or to oversee a merger.

Most investment banker jobs require an MBA.

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Look for a financial analyst job to work closely with investors. Financial analysts help investors analyze stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to create the best possible investment portfolio. Most analysts specialize in understanding financial trends in a specific region (e.g. Korea) or for a specific type of company (e.g. pharmaceutical company).

If you want to work specifically with budgets, look for a budget analyst job. You will work to oversee the budgets of various companies.

Some analyst positions require an MBA.

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Apply to be a loan officer to assess who gets a bank loan. Loan officers work with potential borrowers to determine which borrowers are over-risking and who should be denied credit. These jobs require you to go through large amounts of paperwork before making loans to, for example, car buyers, home buyers or students.

Most loan officer jobs do not require an MBA. However, hiring managers may want you to have a bachelor's degree in a business related field.

  • Preparation and transmission of your application documents

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Highlight your finance and banking experience on your resume. Regardless of your level of experience, when applying for a banking job, your focus should be on presenting your financial background. This includes information such as college courses in finance and previous employment at a financial institution. There are several formats to consider when creating a resume, including chronological and functional. The best format for you depends on your professional and educational background.

Use a chronological resume if you have several years of work experience and a high school or college degree. A chronological resume is formatted based on your background and includes specific dates for employment and education.

Choose a functional resume if you don't have a lot of work experience and are still in college or just graduated. A functional resume will highlight your skills and abilities and focus less on previous work experiences.

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Submit resumes for your top 5-7 banking jobs. After reviewing a number of banking job postings online, narrow your list to 5-7 jobs that you think you would enjoy and are qualified for. All jobs you apply for should be in the same banking industry (e.g. investment banking). Visit the bank's application portal and fill in your personal and professional information as requested.

The application includes your curriculum vitae, which describes your professional and academic career, a 1-page cover letter and professional or academic certificates.

You should be able to apply online for almost all positions. Some positions at older banks may require you to send in a paper copy of your application and resume.

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Prepare to answer Canadian financial interview questions. The questions vary from bank to bank and depend on the position you are applying for. However, most of the questions relate to your knowledge of banking, your experience in customer service (for counter positions), your knowledge of economics, and your knowledge of loans and interest rates.

For example, the interviewer(s) may ask about your knowledge of current financial events, recent stock market developments, and your personal skills in using banking or programming software. They may also ask you to clarify aspects of your resume.

Many Canadian banking firms conduct interviews in person and via Skype. You can choose whichever format you prefer.

How to Find Legitimate Banking Jobs in Canada (with Pictures)

Follow-up promptly after interviews. Send a quick thank you email to the bank representative(s) you met and spoke to. Briefly mention your desire to work for the company and that you believe you have the qualifications and experience necessary to do the job successfully. Be enthusiastic but also professional in your tone and approach.

For example, you could write, "Thank you for taking the time to interview me last Monday. I really appreciated the time for a personal conversation. I hope that you will consider me for the position. I look forward to hearing from you soon!"

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